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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wahoo! FENCING the pig pasture is FINALLY done!

Our fenced in pasture for the pigs is complete! You can already see what they've cleared on the right side of the fence. It used to look like the left side, all brush and brambles. Not bad for only 2 weeks of rooting - gotta love piggies! TA DA...FENCING FINISHED...
SO here's the FORMULA:
BEAUTIFUL CRUMBLY SOIL, READY TO PLANT! My Grandpa always said "Who needs a tractor when you've got pigs?" and he was right! Why spend time and gas money tilling the soil when a pig will do it for you with no effort on your part and no chemical weed killers? They eat all the roots, so nothing regrows. We plan on fencing in more areas for them to clear, and we'll seed the areas when they've finished. An unmanageable patch of land will be pasture in no time - the pigs love it, and so do we. The space they're in now is an old apple orchard that was neglected and grew over with berry bushes, shrubs, grapevines and weeds. There are nuts from black walnut trees (squirrel-planted), apple drops, some plums, and more. Our pigs think it's a buffet, and are happier than in mud! Next on the farm project list is winterizing the coops. I'll let you know how that goes too!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recipe Wednesday! 4-Ingredient Refried Beans Recipes!

I LOVE autumn, and our family has been running around everywhere, taking advantage of the fall festivals, events, classes and such. With our crazy schedule, I'm using a few food shortcuts! Here are 2 super-fast scrumptious recipes for you to try:
****Great to make in a batch, and freeze!**** BEEF + BEAN BURRITOS >>>INGREDIENTS: *1 can refried beans *1 pack large flour tortillas *1 - 1 1/2 pounds ground beef *1 package taco seasoning mix (or DIY - recipe below!) >>>DIRECTIONS: Cook the beef in a skillet with a little water, adding the taco seasoning per directions. Spread about 2 Tbsp. refried beans on half of a tortilla, then top with 1 1/12 - 2 Tbsp. of the seasoned beef. Roll up from the filled side, when you get to the empty side (halfway), tuck in the ends, and finish rolling it up. We heat them in the microwave about 45 seconds, and serve. You can top them with salsa and shredded cheese before heating, too! Tuck them into plastic sandwich or snack size zip-top bags, and freeze. (We fit 1 in a snack size, and 2 into a sandwich size.) Microwave them on a plate for 1 minute, 15 seconds EACH to reheat. _____________________________________________________________________________________
**This is really FAST, EASY and PACKED with PROTEIN!** DOUBLE BEAN DIP >>>INGREDIENTS: *1 can refried beans *1 can black beans *1 Tbsp. tabasco sauce *shredded cheddar cheese >>>DIRECTIONS: Grease a medium baking dish (9 x 9, au gratin, etc.) Drain and rinse the can of black beans, and place into the dish. Add the Tbsp. of tabasco sauce, and stir it in. Lightly mash the beans, so that some are squished and some are still whole. Stir in the refried beans, just until blended. Top with the shredded cheese. Bake at 300 F, until heated through and cheese melts and bubbles. Serve with tortilla chips! OPTIONAL: Top with your family's favorites before serving: sliced scallions, sliced black olives, sour cream, diced tomatoes, minced cilantro, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________________
**Make it yourself and save on buying packets!** TACO SEASONING MIX >>>INGREDIENTS: *2 Tbsp all-purpose flour *2 tsp chili powder *1 1/2 tsp dried minced onion *3/4 tsp crushed beef bouillon (1 cube) *1 tsp salt *1 tsp paprika *1/2 tsp oregano *1/2 tsp onion powder *1/4 tsp cayenne pepper *1/4 tsp garlic powder >>>DIRECTIONS: Mix together all ingredients, and store in an airtight container, or use right away. Add to 1 pound of cooked, crumbled or shredded meat. __________________________________________________________________________________ “Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear.” ~Aesop