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Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you know where your eggs were?


Gotta love the new labels on eggs...It's time to define the terms.....

"CAGE-FREE" does not equal Humane Conditions!
80,000 chickens in one barn...does that sound humane to you?

"ACCESS TO THE OUTSIDE" = a tiny little screen porch on the end of that barn!

Some of the "organic" eggs in the supermarket are from SAME companies who brought you the recent salmonella scares. Eggs can also be RE-WASHED and RE-SOLD. They can be a month old or older. Doesn't sound so appetizing for breakfast, does it?

Marketers can spin just about anything...LEARN WHERE YOUR FOOD IS REALLY COMING FROM! BUY LOCAL, BUY SAFE! Support your local small farmers!

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StackedStoneOrg Stacked Stone Farm

"CAGE-FREE" = up to 80,000 chickens or more in one barn
"ACCESS TO OUTSIDE" = tiny little porch on that barn HUMANE?! Hardly!

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