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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy FEBRUARY! Time to plant! TURN that Phone Book into little seed pots

It's that time of year again you walk out your front door and there at your feet is a bag with a heavy phone book in it. Many people just toss them out but instead do something awesome with it.. make little seed pots!!!

(What you need:)

~ 1 phone book
~ 1 short and fat shot glass (if you want to make different sized pots you can do shot glass sized, wine bottle sized, etc)

(What you do:)

~ Start by taking a sheet of phone book, fold it in half.
~ Wrap it tightly around your shot glass leaving an overhang.
~ Fold in the overhang around the bottom of the glass, creating a bottom.
~ Press the shot glass onto a hard surface.
~ Slowly pull up glass leaving a little pot.
~ Fill with potting mix and plant seed.
~ Keep moist, ad wait for it to grow!
~ When ready to plant into the garden, plant the whole thing. (it will decompose)

*TIP* I use a dab of white glue if it looks like it won't stay together, or if
I use 2 thicknesses of paper.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I never thought about keeping the tons of phone books for seed pots! No more tearing up newspaper!

    Haven't started any seeds yet, but need to get my Sweet Peas in the ground soon!