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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chickens agree with the Groundhog...

...spring is on the way! Yep, my chickens definitely think it's time for winter to say goodbye. One warm day and they all start laying like mad! We've been averaging about 4 eggs a day, but yesterday my girls gave me a FULL DOZEN! Way to go biddies! Another cold blast of weather is headed here, so we'll see how long THAT lasts. After all the snow last night, the only spots of color out there today are the cardinals and blue jays. But at least there's sunshine!

"Wood you cut yourself warms you twice." -Henry David Thoreau
(Once in the chopping, then in the burning!)


  1. My *girls* least one of them..she wants desperately to set a batch of babies..but it's way too soon here..we still have lots of snow on the ground..she's gonna have to wait! ;o)

  2. My sisters hens haven't stopped laying. But then we don't get the cold and snow like you and Mumsie. My sister also gives her girls a hot mash every morning. I think they keep laying to keep the mash coming.

  3. Our eggs in the 'bator are just hatching out - no one's gone broody yet! :)

    We bake our girls "chicken biscuits", using up older eggs, a little water, a bit of oil, flour & baking powder. They crumble beautifully, and the chickies love 'em!