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Friday, February 18, 2011

Many people seen at S.E.E.N. event! GO local foods!

WOW! There was a HUGE turnout last night at the SEEN's workshop, "Taking Back Our Local Food System". It's VERY encouraging to see the community support for local farmers and their products. There's a wonderful customer base here in the Ithaca area, and ever-growing demands by local consumers for FRESH, LOCAL FOOD!
If you're a newer farm like we are, there are so many opportunities. Four speakers covered a variety of local food topics, including how they got started as a business, channels they use to market their products, and new ways they see the market they're in expanding. The "meet and greet" time was a super way to let all of us mingle, chat and connect. LOVED IT!
If you're in the Ithaca area, stop by the famous Ithaca Farmers Market, and check out the little local food farms! Your tummy will thank you, and we farmers will too!

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