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Sunday, February 13, 2011

SEED SHOPPING! And 136 different kinds...

One of my favorite times of the year - browsing all the new spring catalogs. I can waste an entire afternoon "window shopping" and circling choices! I'll be dreaming about the rainbow of veggies for my garden, and imagining all the flower possibilities! There will always be my tried-and-true, time-tested standbys, but aren't the new options exciting? And the "OLD" heirlooms are even more fascinating. Try a few in your garden this year, you'll love them! Don't forget to visit the Slow Foods website, and look up their "Ark of Taste" vegetables and fruits. They're all winners, and by picking from among them, you'll be preserving a true piece of American History. It's so fun to get that package of seeds in the mail!

Warm weather is coming...again! Cold, freezing cold, snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain, snow with lightning, hail, windstorms, and now a balmy warm spell! Mother Nature is definitely a woman...she can't make up her mind!
"In the spring I have counted ONE-HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours." ~Mark Twain


  1. It is a contest between my mom and I on who gets the first seed catalouge. I have my stack waiting for me to delve into, to ponder, dream and choose.

  2. Hi there! Julia knows some neat people! Like you... we are aching for spring, adding to our flock of back yard chicken's and getting our hands dirty again!
    Happy garden planning...
    I'm your newest follower today...

  3. Hi Deb - it's wonderful to have you! Cead mile failte...A HUNDRED THOUSAND WELCOMES!